Inspiration a 11 letter word is the most powerful word when it comes to our lives. But we often give a lot of weight on the things around the word rather than the true depth of the word “Inspiration”.

Our story of inspiration is no different and starts in 2018 when we had started working on our Food LAB. After interviewing 1000 men and women and off course biased to give us the answer we wanted — Just Joking. On a serious note we studied the patterns and need of the Veganista’s and Foodies who often had a common cord between them and the Animal Protein lovers the Gluten Free products.

We wanted to do different and take a step further to remove the starch like Tapioca, Potato etc and also no added sugar and salt. The quest got the creator YUVI to be challenged and she got the task. It was Thanksgiving dinner time and we saw something unique on the table.

Wa Chef this is the product we have been craving for “GF_VEGAN_NOSALT_NOSUGAR_NOSTARCH_NOOIL” was that a 3 D printed or really a thing. We tested, friends tested, family tested over 8 weeks and decided to open the test to bigger platform with 3 Flavors out of the Gate.

  1. Sour BuckWheat
  2. Sour Quinoa
  3. Sour Coconut

Starter as they say is the main thing and Yuvi used a sourdough passed to her through a source that had this for 50 years. Now the evolution must continue and we shall seek your feedback and blessings.